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Main Street Theatre

The historic Main Street Theatre thrived in the 1930's and 40's and survived several hurricanes through the years. Many long-time residents have fond memories of going downtown for plays, movies and popcorn in a charming building with floor and balcony seating. As the commercial centers moved away from the downtown area, the theatre also was deserted and it remained empty for 30 years, falling into disrepair. In 1983, Russell Cain purchased the theatre and donated it to the Main Street Committee in 1992.

Driven by the goal of bringing live theatre back to Port Lavaca, extensive renovation work was done from the floors to the roof, with the help of grants, donations, and the work of dedicated volunteers.

On September 29, 1994, the Gala Grand Opening celebrated the resurrection of live theatre in Port Lavaca, with Pat Jurek directing a cast of 24 people. The new theatre has a new stage, a refurbished balcony, and 263 seats. Each year, residents and visitors can enjoy several plays showcasing local talent (and we do have some great talent!) as well as country oprys, fashion shows, and other concerts.

We invite you to come enjoy the talented cast of characters who make an evening at the Port Lavaca Main Street Theatre a delightful experience.

Board of Directors

  • Jody Weaver, Co-Chairperson, 361-649-6116
  • Steve Bales, Co-Chairperson
  • Keith Ueckert, Treasurer, 361-552-9321
  • Russell Cain, Facilities, 361-552-6313
  • Teri Austin, Special Events/House, 361-552-2287

Members at Large:

  • Rusty Henderson
  • Jamie Grasse
  • Ronny Best

PLMST Auditions

If you are interested in auditioning for one of our productions at PLMST, please contact us at


The Main Street Theatre needs your support to continue to produce fine entertainment. We need your financial support, and we need to see your faces and hear your laughter as you enjoy our productions. Your responses make our efforts worthwhile.

Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door. See each play for ticket price. Sponsors are needed and very much appreciated. Click here if you want to fill out a form to support Live Theatre in Calhoun County. As an added incentive, sponsors can phone the theatre, beginning 90 minutes before the show starts, to reserve seats.

Click here for the seating chart and for sponsor information. This service will be available at all but the children's show.