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“ The Mousetrap" which opened in London on Nov. 25, 1952 and is still playing today. It is the longest running play of all time!

Major Metcalf (Rusty Henderson) discovers that the phone line is dead as Mollie and Giles Ralston (Ezra Pena and Kyle Marshall) and Christopher Wren (Randy Bunnell) look on.

Giles (Kyle Marshall) comforts his wife Mollie (Ezra Pena) as they discuss the strange collection of boarders that have arrived at their guest house.

Mollie Ralston (Ezra Pena) tries to find out more about her strangest boarder, young Christopher Wren (Randy Bunnell).

The Mousetrap


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Top row: Sargent Trotter - Derrek Gohlke ,    Giles Ralston - Kyle Marshall ,     Christopher Wren - Randy Bunnell,    Mr. Paravicini - Patrick Ryan,   Major Metcalf - Rusty Henderson                                    Bottom Row:  Mrs. Boyle - Joy Bryant,   Miss Casewell - Dyanne Ragle,   Mollie Ralston - Ezra Pena


Written by Agatha Christie              Directed by Jody Weaver