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Port Lavaca, Texas


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Cast members are:

Front row seated: Cloudmen - Tristin Williams, Jacob Trevino, Mackenzie Hoffman, Kaitlinn Staloch and Alexis Maddux (not pictured Tristian Hall)


2nd row kneeling: 2nd Officer -Christian Tuazon and Stephanie Johnstone, 1st Officer - Dylan Barnes, Captain - Sean Grasse and Samantha Rupley, Crowd People - Leeann King and Brooke Teague (not pictured Kayla Boyd-Robertson)


3rd Row standing: Glow-worm - Heather Jennings and Hannah Gohlke, Spider - Ashley Mutchler and Amber Henderson, James - Clinton Barnes, Lady Bug -Abby Hammond and Taylor Hunt


4th row: Centipede - Taylar Maddux, Earthworm - Jacquelyn Campbell, Grasshopper - Justin Gohlke and Phillip Collins, Old Man - Shadoe Johnson and Aaron Pina, Narrators - Shanea Johnson, Drew Hunt and Lyndsey Meyers


Back row: Aunt Spiker - Meagan Weaver and Ashleigh Williams, and Aunt Sponge - Jackie Rupley, and Capri Hernandez

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