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Cast of Characters

Betty De Shazer is reprising her role as Mildred and Juliet.

Kenny Barnes is portraying Luther, owner of the Gas ‘N’ Go

Jody Weaver is Violet Carson, the director of “Romeo and Juliet”.

Pam Causey is portraying Naomi and Lady Capulet.

Ronnie Best is Bubba, owner of Bubba’s Wrecker Service and and Lube & Tune

Jamie Grasse is portraying Faye McFaye and the Nurse.

Connie Siler is in her second MST performance, as Ruth Ann Barnes, the page and the friar.

Patrick Ryan is portraying Delbert, the set director.

Kyle Marshall is portraying Didi, Faye’s dog.

Ashley Williams is the stage manager for Faith County II. She is thirteen years old and has recently appeared in “Charlie and the Charlie Factory. “



Faith County II

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