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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Members of the cast pictured above: Katy Weaver (Willy Wonka), Justin Gohlke (Charlie Bucket), Hunter Barker (Grandpa Joe), Megan Durham and Rebecca Elder (Grandma Georgina), Brooke Korenek and Ashleigh Williams (Grandma Josephine), Ezra Pena (Mrs. Bucket), Jacquelyn Campbell and Hannah Moss (Veruca Salt), Samantha Rupley and Michelle Dawdy (Violet Beauregarde), Phillip Collins (Mike Teavee), Aaron Pina (Augustus Gloop), Kyle Marshall (Mr. Salt), Kate Whitson (Mrs. Salt), Marci Hoffman (Mrs. Teavee), Alyssa Pointer and Sydney Stephenson (Mrs. Beauregarde), Derek Gohlke (Mr. Beauregarde), Christina Douis (Mrs. Gloop), Jackie Rupley, Lauren Scroggs, and Kelly Whitson (narrators), Ryan Barnes and Drew Hunt (Shopkeeper). Not pictured: James Tripp (Mr. Bucket) and Thomas Sizer (Grandpa George).

Crowd People and Oompa Loompas pictured above: Hannah Gohlke, Dylan Barnes, Lindy Blevins, Wyatt Gulsby, Damon Dorsey, Sarah Wynn, Andrew Perez, Konnor Smith, MacKenzie Hoffman, Kendal Smith, Amber Henderson, Clinton Barnes, Abbie Hammond, Rudy Pesina, Audrea Marshall, Taylor Hunt, Ashley Mutchler, Kati Durham, Courtney Reese, Sonja Pesina, Lindsey Meyers, Velyncia Villegas, Ashley O�Reilly, Kayla Boyd-Robertson, Kara Whitson, Sean Grasse, Kayla Veach, Capri Hernandez, Christina Marshall, Tabetha Webb, Katherine McGee, LaShawda Butler.

The Port Lavaca Main Street Theatre announces the cast selections for the upcoming children’s production of Roald Dah’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Auditions were held at the end of February. By double-casting several parts, director Jody Weaver has been able to include 60 children from ages 5 to 15 in this production. The cast includes kids from Port Lavaca, Seadrift, Point Comfort, Bloomington, and Victoria. Jody stated that the depth of talent I saw this year at auditions was tremendous! I’ve got several young actors playing extra roles that could easily handle larger roles. I am very excited about this group of young people being able to bring this story to life on the stage.

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