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The children's production of Alice in Wonderland ended June 3. Attendance was excellent, and approximately 900 children and adults made the journey to Wonderland.

Below are scenes from Wonderland, and backstage scenes which show the fun they all had.

The March Hare (Gregory Griffin), the Dormouse (Kara Whitson), and the Mad Hatter (Randy Bunnell) have nothing to do with their time but have tea because it's always six o'clock. Even after putting the very best butter in it, their watch still says six o'clock in this scene from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

Tweedledum (Kate Whitson) and Tweedledee (Katy Weaver) try to find out whether Alice (Jacquelyn Campbell) is stupid or only seems stupid in this scene from the children's production of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."

Jacquelyn Campbell as Alice, Alyssa Pointer as the White Rabbit, Evan Wedig as the King of Hearts, Katy Weaver as Tweedledee, Kate Whitson as Tweedledum, Krysten Rosenbrock as the Red Queen, Maggie Sizer as the Mock Turtle, Kyle Marshall as the Knave of Hearts, Jarred Day and Randy Bunnell as the Mad Hatter, Hunter Barker and Gregory Griffin as the March Hare, Ezra Pena and Kathryn Hastings as the Caterpillar, Christina Douis and Kathryn Wilson as the Duchess, Marcie Hoffman and Holly Batchelder as the Cook, Aaron Pina and Rey Villegas as the Frog Footman, Meagan Weaver and Zac Wedig as the Gryphon, Kelly Whitson and Tara Gibson as the White Queen.

Kara Whitson, Michelle Dawdy, Kati Durham, and Clinton Barnes as the Dormouse; Thomas Sizer, Paige Durham, and Jessica Cervantes as the Executioner; and the cards are Mindy Rosenbrock , McKinzee Rosenbrock, Jonathan McKnight, Paula Osmunson, Samantha Osmunson, Ashleigh Williams, Casey Hileman, Kelsey Weber, Taylor Hunt, Amber Henderson, Dylan Barnes, Meagan Durham, Rebecca Elder, Blake Elder, Katherine McGee, Zachary Pilgrim, Stace Jons, Alyson Williams, and Courtney Reese.

Cast members not pictured are Drew Hunt as Executioner and Capri Hernandez as a card.

Below is The Accusation of Alice. Following that are several scenes from backstage.

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