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Bottoms Up

by Gregg Kreutz

Directed by Preston Harding



14, 15, 16

21, 22, 23



Suitcase, Suitcase, who’s got the suitcase? That’s the urgent question in this hilarious farce set in a Caribbean hotel. The comedy charts the confusion that occurs when June, an ernest aerobics instructor, unknowingly acquires the cash-filled suitcase of two money launderers from Cleveland. Their attempts to retrieve it cause a soft-core movie director to mistake June for the next sexy star in his basement-budget production Tan All Over. Interference is provided by his former starlet turned moralist, a nervous chemistry instructor, the hotel owner and his sticky- fingered nephew and the money launderers themselves. Wild Chases, bizarre disguises and the silliest looking aerobic dance ever conceived make this a truly riotous comedy.



poster- Butterflies

Butterflies Are Free


Directed by Betty Birdwell

April 5, 6, 7

11, 12, 13



When you’re a young bachelor in your own apartment for the first time, even if it’s a cramped cold-water flat, you know what exhilaration is. If a pretty actress moves in next door, you’ve got an even better beginning! Charming and Heartfelt, this comedy is one that will have you holding your sides.



Beauty & the Beast



Directed by Jody Weaver


Annual Children's Production




This year’s annual children’s production, Beauty and the Beast, is based upon the classic story of a selfish prince turned into a true beast by a powerful witch. To break the witch’s spell he must make someone love him for himself. Beauty, the daughter of a poor widow who stumbles into the Beast’s castle and innocently plucks a forbidden rose, agrees to live in the castle with the Beast, if her mother’s life is spared. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your imagination on a fantastic adventure.



Deadwood Dick

by Tom Taggart

Directed by Steve Bales



22, 23, 24

29, 30, 31



Deadwood Dick is an old-fashioned gay 90’s musical melodrama. Long-lost daughters, stolen gold mines, a kidnapped heroine plus the sinister villian Deadwood Dick himself make this a classic melodrama filled with family fun!



Sorry Wrong Chimney

by Jack Sharkey & Leo W. Sears

Directed by Rusty Henderson



14, 15, 16

21, 22, 23



David Tuttle is moonlighting as a department store Santa so he can buy his wife a fur coat for Christmas. He tells her he’s working late at the office. A suspected other woman, hypnotism, the notorious Santa-burglar Kris Kreigle and his gun-totting fiancee plus a confused policeman, add up to a rollicking Christmas tale. Make plans now to see this one!



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Bottoms Up
 Beauty and the Beast
Sorry Wrong Chimney